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What is the potential of Immersive Office Design?

When it comes to workplace design, we should think about what the environment is doing to the brain, how each human brain is unique, and how we might use it to help people be more productive and healthier. As we emerge from the epidemic, the design world continues to evolve. How… Read More
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Interior Designers’ Top 5 Home Decorating Secrets

You may have a natural eye for design, but it never hurts to obtain some interior design ideas from specialists before going on your own home designing adventure. The art and science of creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that optimises and enriches a space is known as interior design. Interior… Read More
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DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home

1. Stencil Work On Furniture And Walls There are several ways to use stencil work on furniture and walls. You can easily find ready-made stencils from the market. If those don’t please you, you can make one yourself. Painting over a stencil can work on most surfaces. Make sure the… Read More
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Diwali Decorative Ideas

Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated every year as the festival of lights. It is a five days long festival which begins on Dhanteras and ends on Bhai dooj. It falls every year on the fifteenth day of the Kartik month. It is considered that Goddess Lakshmi makes a visit… Read More
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Bedroom Trends Of 2019

A bedroom is that room which is our shelter from the outside world. It is sensible to put the time and energy into making this space tantalizing and cozy. However, one is always confused about how to make their bedroom stylish and spacious. SNZ Designs to your rescue, in this… Read More
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Design Concept

Design Board… Many designers are confused between Design Concept and Design Board. The majority of then make a Mood board or a Design board and place the exact wallpapers, furniture, paint finishes, etc. on it and call it concept designing and present it to the client. A design Concept board… Read More