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Wear and tear caused to furniture due to moisture in air
Humidity and moisture can cause damage to almost any kind of furniture of almost any materials, specially wood and fabrics. Wood expands in humid conditions which will eventually lead to cracking. Hence, active measures should be taken to protect the furniture rather than acting after the damage is done. Such measures include using dehumidifiers, reducing heat exposure, and using stain that is designed to combat humidity and moisture damage.

Considering wind movement in high rise buildings
Living in the clouds sure is a dream, but it may have more cons than perks if not planned ahead. Designing doors and windows in a way they withstand the high velocity wind and not cause cracks in the frames would be a start.

Capturing maximum outdoor space inside
Use of space is the ultimate factor in designing. Utilizing outdoor space indoors can make significant changes in the feel of the space, instantly opening it up. This is a must in making already cramped up spaces look bigger, which is the case in most of Mumbai.

Utilizing space to its maximum capacity
The lack of space also means innovative ideas for storage units. Demolishing walls and creating storage units is a great way of utilizing that wall space. Upholstered storage benches, hidden units behind artworks, storage like jars that could act as decoration pieces, shelves and hooks, all of these are some ideas for effective space utilization.

Separation of space by functionality as per family’s needs
Using a wall of book shelves, a dedicated area rug, a floating counter, or using seating arrangements can act as space separators instead of going for the traditional wall that tends to make spaces look smaller and closed off.

Allocated space for drying of clothes
What can go the most unnoticed is the need for a dedicated space for drying clothes. There are various kinds of arrangements and fixtures available to suit specific needs. The family can go through these various options and see what suits their requirement the best.

Sound proofing of windows, specially in noisy parts of the city
One of the major issues is the closeness of the apartment to busy streets. Living near a busy street means lots of traffic noise. This issue can be tackled by sound proofing the windows with the help of sound proof foam panelling or using thick, sound proof curtains.

Keeping straight lines and minimalistic design to avoid collection of dust
Another major issue is the build up of dust in nooks and crevices. This can be avoided by keeping the design minimalistic and lines fairly straight, which makes cleaning ten times easier.

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