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A bedroom is that room which is our shelter from the outside world. It is sensible to put the time and energy into making this space tantalizing and cozy. However, one is always confused about how to make their bedroom stylish and spacious. SNZ Designs to your rescue, in this blog we’re listing 2019’s hottest bedroom trend!

1. Classical or European Classical is the trending bedroom theme currently in which walls have paneling or molding and are painted in rustic gold or silver.


2. Moldings can be across the entire house and a grit pattern can be created from skirting which can be continued across doorframes and ceiling holding. This interior goes well with both light as well as dark themes depending on one’s taste and how much drama they want in their space. It can also depend on the purpose of the room. Example: Media rooms or bedrooms can go in a darker theme whereas the kitchen and the living room can be lighter and easy.


3. Detailing in the molding is very important to differentiate it from old and new work. The more the detailing the better will be the final look.


4. Furniture made with acrylic and plexiglass legs with a hint of gold also gives a very light and spacious feel to a bedroom.


5. Special emphasis has to be given to lighting in the bedroom so that one can relax peacefully. There should be track lights on curtains, cove indirect lighting in the ceiling, wall washer lights on the wardrobes or walls and hanging lights on the table lamps over the side table. These lights altogether create the drama or mood as per the time of the day.

A bedroom is a place where you unwind after a long tiring day so make sure it’s not too overwhelming and soothes your senses.

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