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Design Board…

Interior Designer Many designers are confused between Design Concept and Design Board. The majority of then make a Mood board or a Design board and place the exact wallpapers, furniture, paint finishes, etc. on it and call it concept designing and present it to the client. A design

Concept board is totally different than the actual Design board. The concept board gives inspiration for any design or room. This sort of Concept board can include any inspiration the designer has like travel photos, natural stones jewels, fashion magazine cutouts, nature photography, some fabric or swatches which you would like to see in the room. Together these elements will remind you how you want the room to “feel” not “look”. Before the actual process of designing like drawings or material selection, you can come to this board several times a day and add or remove certain elements that don’t fit in. You will know when it is spot on. Allocate a good chunk of time to the process and really enjoy it. Creating an exceptional interior should be exciting and not excruciating.

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